Pickled Veggies & Relishes

Consists of Vinegarettes, Bloody Mary Drink Mix, T.N.T. Hot Sauce, T.N.T Powder - Dry Cajun Seasoning,

(coming soon: Cajun Brownie Mix)

Breakfast toppers; snack treats; Appetizers; Glazes; Dipping or Dessert Sauces; Some HOT; Some Not Hot; Some No Sugar

Variety of Relishes - Sweet to T.N.T. Hot; and Pickled Vegetables in Cajun brine that will make your mouth dance with flavor!

Mixes & more

Jams & Jellies

Welcome to my world of Jammin'!...Where my Gourmet delights will assist you in "Complementing" any Meal!

As you peruse my website, you will come across a unique array of jams, jellies, vinegarettes, relishes, seasoning, sauces and pickled vegetables.  Some emit Creole Flair (Mild); while others deliver Cajun Heat (HOT!); and as you will find out,

they all contain the grandeur of taste - which is Flavor!  

So sit back and relax while you experience some Fleur de Lis Flavors of New Orleans!  

Laisez le Bon Temps Rouler!

Maitland Farmer's Market

Every Sunday (unless cancelled due to weather)

If you have any requests for product, please email them to me at your earliest convenience so I can work on having them ready for you at the next market.

 @ cajuncuisines@aol.com

Have you booked your next event with Cathy's Cajun Cuisines yet? For a taste of a few of my cuisines, come out to the Maitland Farmer's Market from 9am-2pm. I am usually there serving a Creole or Cajun Meal and Fresh Squeezed Lemonade!!
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