At the end of 2019, Cathy's Cajun Cuisines decided to take a break starting January 2020, then Covid made it mandatory. We are well, but not returning to any markets or to jamming until further notice. Thank you for your support! We will keep you posted of our return date.

Cathy's Cajun Cuisines

This is now the
News Box
because there are NO Upcoming Events - Covid-19 Pandemic Cancelled 2020

To all my wonderful customers, Update -- August 2020, Cathy's Cajun Cuisines is Still on hiatus from Jamming with no date of return. 

With Covid-19 threat still looming, the remaining events that I would have participated in at the end-of-the year, have Cancelled. 

There has been no jamming since 2019, no markets for me since 2019, and no sales in 2020.  

Not sure if my jams and jellies business will be able to stay afloat waiting for 2021.


I will keep you informed of the status.  Thank you for understanding! Cathy