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Each Sunday is the Maitland Farmer's Market

Hours: 9am - 2pm

Cathy's Cajun Cuisines is taking a summer break and will return to the Oviedo Farmer's Market on Saturday, August 5 from 8am - 1pm and then to the Maitland Market Farmer's Market on Sunday, August 6 from 9am to 2pm.  Come see me then to restock your supply of my Gourmet Jams, Jellies, Relishes, Pickled Veggies, Seasonings and Sauces; and get a couple PBJ Sliders for Breakfast and a bowl of My Awesome Chicken and Sausage Gumbo for lunch.   Thanks, Cathy!

If you have any requests for product, please email them to me now.

 @ cajuncuisines@aol.com

Cathy's Cajun Cuisines is taking a summer break and will return to the markets August 5th and 6th. See you then!! Thanks, Cathy!

Consists of Vinegarettes, Bloody Mary Drink Mix, T.N.T. Hot Sauce, T.N.T Powder - Dry Cajun Seasoning,

(coming soon: Cajun Brownie Mix)

Variety of Relishes - Sweet to T.N.T. Hot; and Pickled Vegetables in Cajun brine that will make your mouth dance with flavor!

Cathy's Cajun Cuisines

Breakfast toppers; snack treats; Appetizers; Glazes; Dipping or Dessert Sauces; Some HOT; Some Not Hot; Some No Sugar

Jams & Jellies

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Welcome to my world of Jammin'!...Where my Gourmet delights will assist you in "Complementing" any Meal!

As you peruse my website, you will come across a unique array of jams, jellies, vinegarettes, relishes, seasoning, sauces and pickled vegetables.  Some emit Creole Flair (Mild); while others deliver Cajun Heat (HOT!); and as you will find out,

they all contain the grandeur of taste - which is Flavor!  

So sit back and relax while you experience some Fleur de Lis Flavors of New Orleans!  

Laisez le Bon Temps Rouler!